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  • Refined vegetable oil - Canola, Soya and Sunflower, in retail packages and bulk (22.5 mt Flexitank)
  • Margarine - Food industry sizes
  • Canned fish, Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon
  • Corned beef
  • Butter and butter oil
  • Flour, starch, confectionery, bakery products
  • Canned dairy products- evaporated and, full cream milk, canned Danish cream. 
  • Non fat, whole and buttermilk powder
  • Whey protein concentrate, lactose, casein
  • Milk protein

G Van Kam

  • For more information on our dairy products, you can visit our associates' web site.
    G Van Kam


  • Most of our agricultural products are branded for our client's specifications. We supply Naisabrand with their complete product lines under private label.

Building and Household Products

  • Light Bulbs
  • Wood panels, plywood, OSB
  • Decorative products
  • Hardware